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The experience of the Open01 conference, entitled "Economic development, innovation and enhancement of the territory: the opportunities of outdoor tourism", ended in an atmosphere of significant satisfaction and interest.

For this first meeting, we wanted to turn the spotlight on Outdoor Tourism, a segment of the tourism sector that we believe currently has enormous potential for development, especially in our country.

Our hope is to have created the basis of an open dialogue that will continue with increasing intensity over the next few months and years, and which will progressively vary among the different facets of the tourism world, capturing the changes and how these can be source of sustainable growth for Italy.

These are the words of the CEO of Human Company, Marco Galletti: "Today's meeting is the first edition of OPEN, the annual appointment with which Human Company, as a market leader, wants to promote a central issue for our country: to identify the right tourist formulas to develop the enormous potential of the Italian destination and start a virtuous process of innovation and enhancement of the territory and of the countless resources it offers. To achieve these goals we need to join forces and create a system between sector operators, public and private investors and institutions to bring quality open-air tourism to Southern Italy. As the name of the cycle of meetings says, we at Human Company are "open" to the comparison and challenge of innovation that leads to growth and to do so we call together the partners and the most authoritative voices in the field of tourism and beyond".

Taking the opportunity to thank all the participants at the conference, we would like to point out the address to receive updates and contents and to exchange feedback and suggestions on the topics dealt with: [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you at Open02 in November 2019!

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