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Seaside activities along the Etruscan Coast

Thanks to the morphology of its landscapes, which range from verdant countryside to sandy coastline, the Etruscan Coast is the ideal destination for sports and activity lovers. 

From surfing to snorkelling to paddleboarding, the area offers perfect opportunities and equipped facilities to try out new watersports or stay active on land. 

Here are some of the most popular seaside activities in the Val di Cornia for all those sporty types who won't give up their healthy habits even on holiday, or for those who are simply curious to try new pastimes in contact with nature

Snorkelling & Diving

With the Gulf of Baratti's crystal-clear sea and rocky coasts, where else would you start but snorkelling! This is the best and most accessible activity for discovering the colours of the flora and fauna found on the seabed. 

Every week, near the small port of Baratti, dinghy excursions set off to reach the best marine areas for swimming with a mask and snorkel! 

 And if snorkelling isn't enough for you, try plunging in and diving deep to experience the sea from a new point of view: discover the secrets of diving with ad hoc courses for beginners and first dives!

Surfing, kitesurfing and paddleboarding

If you love the sea, its waves and currents, but prefer to stay on the surface... there's no shortage of opportunities! 

The Etruscan Coast seems to be highly acclaimed by keen surfers and windsurfers, thanks to the winds that blow across it. 

There are many surf centres and dedicated schools along the coast from Livorno to Piombino, reflecting how well-suited the region is to these activities. 

Among the windiest beaches, Pietrabianca beach in Vada is certainly one of the best, usually experiencing medium-intensity winds suitable for doing all kinds of sports. It also has a windsurfing centre offering courses and equipment rental. 

Another perfect location for windsurfing and kitesurfing, thanks to the shallow waters and the thermal winds that cross the gulf, is Baratti beach, right in front of the famous necropolis of Populonia. 

We haven't forgotten SUP, an acronym for "stand up paddleboarding", the variation on surfing that has become so popular in recent years. As the name suggests, it involves standing on a board with the aid of a special paddle. For paddleboarding, there are also many schools and facilities running courses for new enthusiasts all along the coast.  

Bike tour along the seafront 

Seaside activities don't only take place in the water. Among the activities which let you enjoy the region to the full, a beautiful ride on the waterfront at sunset is an unmissable experience. 

The road that connects San Vincenzo and Baratti, known as Via della Principessa, has a bike path that is perfect for riding in the shade of the pine forest. 

There are also more challenging routes for lovers of trekking and mountain biking, which wind through the Mediterranean vegetation on the hills sloping down to the sea. 

In the Village, it's possible to rent bicycles to suit all tastes and requirements – even electric bikes! 

Horseback rides 

Finally, for those who prefer the hinterland, the Village's Infopoint offers horseback rides along the paths around Park Albatros, accompanied by a guide, to let you admire the Tuscan landscape and relax in the midst of nature. 

To book an excursion or find out about the programmes, ask the Infopoint for information or send an email to

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