Prague with children

Prague is a magical city. With a wealth of legends, fantastic stories and inspirations for artists from all over the world. However, it is also a welcoming city, well preserved and suitable for the whole family.

In Prague there is no lack of things to see, including from the imposing Prague Castle that dominates the city and the modern and extravagant Dancing House.

But to add some fun to the tour of the "city of a hundred towers" and to ensure that your children have an unforgettable memory of your family trip, you will have to adapt the city tour to suit their needs. How?

Here are some tips on what to see in Prague with the children.

Prague Zoo

Credits foto: Zoo Praha Facebook fanpage

What better way to start a family trip than with a visit to the zoo? The many attractions at the Prague Zoo, including baby elephants, gorillas and polar bears, will have your children lost as to where to start looking!

It is not just any zoo, it is ranked 5th among the best zoos in the world! Indeed, it is the most visited of the Czech Republic.

Just a few minutes by bus from the Plus Prague and you will spend an exciting and original afternoon for the whole family, walking in the Indonesian jungle, the penguin pavilion and the African savannah!

And if you want to make the visit really special, do not miss the boat tour to get to the zoo! The cruise on board the boat allows you to combine business with pleasure; it provides a panoramic and unique itinerary, during which you can see the Prague Castle and the bridges that cross the river and get comfortably to the zoo, without running into the city traffic!

The Zoo ticket prices range from € 5 to € 8 and admission for children under 3 is free.

Prague Botanical Garden

Credits foto: Botanická zahrada Praha Facebook fanpage

Within walking distance of the Prague Zoo, there is another fabulous activity: the Botanical Garden of the city of Prague!

With 30 hectares of land dedicated to exhibitions, you can bring your children closer to the wonders of nature through a fabulous, fun visit, which includes plants from Turkey and the Mediterranean, a collection of irises and the Japanese Garden.

Among all the things to visit, here is the most fascinating: the Fata Morgana Greenhouse, 130 metres long with a wide variety of tropical plants!

Prices are very affordable: just over € 3 for adults or a convenient family ticket for less than € 10, which includes 2 adults and two children.

Prague National Technical Museum

Credits foto: Národní technické muzeum Facebook fanpage

Let's move to Prague 7 now, the district that is continuously evolving, full of innovations and art and not too far from the centre. Here, you can finally fulfill the dream of your children who are passionate about cars and engines at the Prague National Museum of Technology.

Among the museums to visit in Prague, you cannot miss a visit to this museum, founded 100 years ago, which boasts large collections dedicated to the science and industry of the Czech Republic.

The exhibitions cover various areas of interest and will surely satisfy the curiosity of your children, from the smallest to the biggest!

You will discover all the secrets of the means of transport, including the first cars and airplanes, the mysteries of astronomy and the techniques of television studios and the industrial production of sugar and chocolate.

The price? The whole ticket costs just over € 8 and other solutions are available for groups and families.

JumpPark, the trampoline park in Prague

Between one museum and another, it's time to jump a bit! Will 700 square metres and more than 60 trampolines be enough?

Here you can indulge yourself with your children doing acrobatic jumps and synchronised group jumps with foam rubber padding!

Where? A few minutes’ drive from Plus Prague, in Prague zone 3 for € 7.

Matejska Pout, the spring festival

This is a family-friendly event! If you are lucky enough to arrive in Prague between the end of February and mid-April, you should not miss this annual event: the Matejska Pout festival!

The fair, among the most popular in the city, has a long tradition that dates back to the 16th century and every year attracts hundreds of families, thanks to the many attractions it offers.

What are they? Here are some, for adults and children:

-          Roller coaster

-          House of Horrors

-          Merry-go-rounds

-          Ferris wheel

And of course, you cannot miss the stalls of sweets, candyfloss and souvenirs!

The event takes place in the city's exhibition district, in Prague 7, just two bus stops from Plus Prague.

Prague Planetarium

And after an afternoon spent among roller coasters and rides, why not immerse yourself in the mystery of our universe, at thePrague Planetarium?

With its 23-metre-high dome, the Prague Planetarium is one of the largest in the world, with more than 840 square metres of floor space, where stars and planets are projected.

Here you can take part in the programme in English or visit the permanent exhibition to learn everything and more about the universe and give your children a fun and cultural experience at the same time.

Admission costs € 5 for a basic ticket or € 12 for the family format.

Pedal boats on the Vltava river in Prague

How can you visit the most famous attractions of the city without tiring the children too much? How about a boat tour?

You can rent your vehicle, traditional boat, motor boat or, the most fun, the pedal boat on the island of the Slavs, a tongue of land in the middle of the Vltava river and close to the centre of Prague.

During your crossing you will enjoy a unique perspective on the Prague Castle, the Dancing House and the most beautiful bridges in the city and you can be sure that even the children will appreciate the originality of the visit!

PS do not miss the sunset on the river, for a family postcard picture!

Things to eat in Prague with children

Credits foto: Jana Jocif, Flickr

And finally, let's talk about good food. As in any self-respecting travel experience, traditional cuisine is also an aspect to be discovered, along with monuments, museums and the city's atmosphere.

So, where to go to eat in Prague? But above all, what are the traditional dishes also suitable for children?

-          First of all, let's think about treats. A very sweet traditional dessert with cinnamon, hazelnut nibs and an unpronounceable name: Trdelnìk. Don't worry, you won't need to ask for information to find it. You will see it prepared on the stalls scattered around the city, especially in winter.

-          Another impossible to pronounce street food snack is Smazeny Syr, which means meatballs stuffed with cheese and then fried. The children will love it!

-          The legendary Goulash, a tasty stew made with beef. And if you're thinking that your children will be a little reluctant to taste it, do not worry; they will probably love the large bread dumplings served with the meat dish.


So, what are you waiting for? Your children will love Prague. And they are not alone!

Book your room at the Plus Prague now for yourself and for the whole family!

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