Places to visit in Lazio: stunning places north of Rome

In two of our previous articles (What to see near Rome: the best art and food destinations and What to see near Rome: the best nature and water places to visit) we explored the most beautiful towns and villages in the metropolitan area of the Eternal City. However, if you have an even broader outlook and want to discover other priceless places in the Region, this article is for you. The destinations we recommend in this article are excellent whether you have decided to tour Lazio by car, or if you are moving from or towards other Italian regions; in the latter case, in fact, there may be places in Lazio along your path where it is absolutely worth stopping.


Tarquinia and its irresistible mix

Tarquinia, about 105 kilometres from Rome towards Tuscany, is a perfect mix of history, art and nature. In fact, it is close to the Saline di Tarquinia Nature Reserve, the Maremma countryside, the Tolfa Mountains and the Cimini Mountains, and also near an archaeological site of considerable importance: the Monterozzi Etruscan necropolis. The city's history is closely linked to the history of the Etruscans, having been one of the oldest cities inhabited by this people. In the historic centre you should visit the Palazzo Vitelleschi, home of the National Museum, and the Church of Santa Maria in Castello. Another magnificent particularity of the city are the cropped or intact towers that can be found everywhere: in the squares or in the meadows or incorporated in the homes of ancient and powerful families, as in the Palazzo dei Priori, a massive urban fortification that even boasts six of them.


The territory of Viterbo and the Valle del Treja

If you want to venture into northern Lazio, we recommend you take a look at the area around Viterbo. Viterbo, about 80 kilometres from Rome, is one of the most fascinating medieval historical centres of Lazio, rich in historical, artistic and architectural sites. Among the monuments to visit we recommend the Palazzo dei Papi and the Palazzo dei Priori, both an integral part of the ancient history of the city. Furthermore, to relive the atmosphere of the past, we recommend that you wander around the San Pellegrino district, among ancient houses, bridges, towers and small churches. If you also want to enjoy a typical dish of the area, we suggest that you sit at the restaurant and ask for anacquacotta (made of bread and vegetables), a pignataccia (meat-based) or any fish-based dish.


Another important town in the Viterbo area is Montefiascone, near the Vulsini Mountains, at about 600 metres above sea level, which gives you a great view of the nearby Lake Bolsena. The soil of Montefiascone is rich in tuff and this is why the surrounding countryside abounds with vineyards and has become one of the major wine production centres of the Region. In the historic centre, we recommend visiting the Church of San Flaviano and the Cathedral of Santa Margherita, nor should you miss the famous Rocca di Montefiascone (also called Rocca dei Papi).


Other places in the Viterbo area that we recommend you visit are Civita di Bagnoregio, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, a marvel perched on a tuff hill accessible via a pedestrian bridge; Calcata, which with its old medieval village immersed in the wonderful landscape of the Valle del Treja and inhabited by artists, will give you an experience that is truly out of this world; and Acquapendente, a very old town, where we recommend you visit the Cathedral of the Holy Sepulchre and the Torre Alfina, an enchanted village with a maze of narrow streets leading to the castle, full of splendour and mysteries waiting to be discovered.

 Acquapendente - Torre Alfina 

To venture into Northern Lazio, remember that you can stay in our facilities: at I Pini Family Park in Fiano Romano, an hour's drive from the Viterbo area, or at Roma Camping in Town, which will also allow you to visit the centre of Rome.

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