Horse-Mania at Norcenni Girasole Village

Horse-Mania at Norcenni Girasole Village

Did you ever had the chance to be in contact with horses?

Whoever interact with those magnificent animals with the right approach, usually remain stunned. They are special creatures. They have got the power of bringing out unknown sides of our personalities with elegance and respect: for instance, if you give horses a half-hearted command, they won’t execute it. True story.

Horses have an outstanding sensitivity. Thanks to their innate empathy they can be very helpful to others as shown by the success of Hippotherapy: it’s scientifically proven that therapy with horses may help improving the health status of sick people.
They can feel our sensations and emotions and sometimes even anticipate them. Thanks to their characteristics, horses can have a strong and magical bond with human beings.

Norcenni Girasole and horses: choose an experience tailor made for you

Season 2019 starts with a brand new partnership between Human Company and Valentina Pau, who created the Equi Experience, an innovative method of interaction with horses. The way Valentina connects with her two horses, Filumena e Cuma, it’s really inspiring and can surely trigger an intense experience in the suggestive Tuscan countryside.

Together with Valentina we created two different experiences available for you to try during your stay at Norcenni Girasole Village: the first one is ideal for people who’d love to get closer to those animals and get to know themselves better at the same time. The second type of experience, instead, it’s made especially for parents and children. Both activities are carried out on the ground with horses so, if you don’t have any riding experience, don’t worry at all (even better!).

5 Senses path

This is a walk on foot accompanied by horses along the path around Tenuta di Villa la Palagina [LINK] with the goal of getting in touch with our own feelings and learn how to listen to them.
This walk lasts about 3 hours including some stops for practicing how to activate all our senses and improve the mindset.

What benefits can be drawn from the 5 Senses path?

- become more conscious of ourselves and aware of how our perceptions shape reality,
- be in the “here and now” and live the present,
- use our own senses to generate functional states of mind
- more energy and relaxation.

 The horse in this case has the role of chaperone and facilitator, helping us connecting with ourselves and the surrounding nature.


This is a very easy route from a physical perspective but it requires focus. The session is open to everybody and can be combined with lunch or dinner (or more activities). 

Communicate with the kids

“Communicate with the kids” is a formative session for those parents who aim to have a more effective and dynamic communication with their family as well as in life.

This session lasts about 2 hours including theory and practical exercises, and involves parents only. If parents wish so, Valentina can extend the session on the same day or during the following days and involve also the kids.

What are the potential benefits of this experience?
- discover our own behavioral patterns and improve relational dynamics,
- what are the obstacles to a correct communication and how to make it more efficient,
- develop your leadership skills based on respect and authority but not imposition,
- a proper communications helps building a parent-child relationship based on trust.

The horse will play a key role as point of contact and coach helping bringing out family dynamics and communication issues.

Where are the kids during their parent’s session? At the resort’ mini club, easy!

 Where can I book my experience with horses at Norcenni Girasole Village?

You can book your experience at the Information Point at the Village, where you will get more information about all the activities planned for the week by Valentina. Furthermore, if you have specific needs, you can let Valentina know and she will create a tailor-made experience for you.

What is Equi Experience and who is Valentina Pau?

Equi Experience (LINK) is a leadership teaching method promoting awareness and self consciousness through interaction with horses. This innovative method has been developed by Valentina Pau, CEO and founder of Equi Experience.
Valentina started working as a second level federal coach and training assistant for young horses, helping them preparing for international competitions; she worked with high-class coaches like Roberto Re and Robert Dilts, who worked with Apple and Steve Jobs.


This experience is a great chance to get to know and understand the great potential treasured in each horse’s soul, especially if you never got close to them before.

For those who have already had the chance to approach them or have experience with horses, this is still a great opportunity to observe those animals from a different perspective and be amazed by them.

We are looking forward to have you here!

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