Fly over the blue sky of Florence

Fly over the blue sky of Florence

Are you an out of the ordinary person, always looking for unique situations that offer you the chance to observe the world from a new point of view? Your wish can finally be granted here in Florence with SkyDiveDream!

 See the world from another perspective

SkyDiveDream is an adrenaline-filled experience that allows you to feel the thrill of a parachute jump above one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Florence.

This is the only possibility of skydiving over a city because obtaining permits for this type of activity is very complicated due to air traffic concerns.

But the SkyDivers did not give up and they succeeded in overcoming this obstacle, giving life to a tourism experience that is anything but conventional, namely their dream of helping people understand how beautiful and overwhelming it is to jump out of a plane and fly in the blue sky.

Once the fear of jumping has passed, you cannot imagine the sensations you will feel: during the 45 seconds of free fall at 200 km per hour, you will feel a sense of lightness pervade your body, the view will fill your eyes with beauty and the thrill of flying and the sights that will take your breath away will fill your soul with total freedom.

 Want to be a SkyDiver for a day? Find out how

The day begins at Villa Strozzi Machiavelli, the home base of the SkyDivers: an area surrounded by greenery, just minutes from the Boboli Gardens, where you can relax while waiting for your flight.

Here you will be welcomed by your personal skydiving instructor who will instruct you on every step of the experience and then transfer you to the Amerigo Vespucci International Airport in Florence, from where you take off.

The transfer from the villa to the airport is included and along the way the instructor will explain to you additional steps to ensure you get the maximum from this experience. Once you have arrived at the airport, the ground training on the correct free-falling and landing position will end and you will start to suit up. You will wear a helmet, goggles and a jumpsuit, and you will cross the runway dressed as a true SkyDiver: it's time to take off over the picturesque hills of Chianti!

When the plane reaches 4,000 metres, the door opens ... 1,2,3. You are really flying.

There are no specific requirements for taking part in this unforgettable experience, all you need is a little courage to take your first step towards this feeling of utter freedom.

At around 1500 metres the instructor will open the parachute. Relax and enjoy the breath-taking thrill of flying over Florence and its splendid hills.

The landing site at Palazzo Strozzi Machiavelli is flat and soft, and the whole experience will be managed by your instructor: all you have to do is enjoy every minute and every sensation and, if you are a true daredevil and are not afraid of anything, you can ask your instructor if you can open the parachute yourself.

All the solutions that the Skydivers have designed for you

SkyDiveDream provides many different types of packages: you can choose the one you prefer. There are four types of experiences: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. What are they and what are the differences? Let's find out together.

The formulas

BRONZE:the "bronze" package, in addition to the entire process of meeting and preparation provided for in each package, consists of a minute of free fall (which, when flying, will seem like it never ends) and five minutes of gliding after the parachute opens over Florence and its extraordinary skyline.

SILVER: the "silver" package (in addition to what is already included in the "bronze" package) includes a video made with the Handycam that will be edited and made compatible for social networks. An experience like this must be experienced and re-experienced and the video is perfect for watching it again and and again and showing it to your friends, who will surely die of envy (or fear!).

GOLD: this package also includes some photos and a video made by a professional videomaker and photographer who will shoot your flight with beautiful backdrops of the city.

PLATINUM: the "platinum" package is the most comprehensive. In addition to all the extras in the other packages, it also includes a 360° video recording of both the freefall and the gliding, edited and compatible with social networks.

 Where can I book a flight over Florence with SkyDiveDream?

To book the experience and receive information on prices, come to the InfoPoint in the village and we will be happy to advise you and help you find the most suitable experience for you.

How SkyDiveDream came about

SkyDiveDream was created by a group of SkyDive enthusiasts who turned their passion into a job. The DreamTeam of the SkyDivers is formed of expert parachutists who have joined forces to offer the public the exclusive experience of urban skydiving. Their mission consists of sharing the emotion of their passion and making those who desire it experience the thrill of flying.

The DreamTeam professionals include Max Heim, a RedBull stuntman who has participated in world record breaking wingsuit flights.

 SkyDiveDream, 4000 metres of fun and excitement


Tandem parachute jumping is a format that has thrilled and excited many people for more than 40 years, so what are you waiting for? Jump into the void and dive into freedom. All you have to do is join the Skydivers team for breathtakingly beautiful views of Florence from their unique point of view: the blue sky.

 Don't miss this chance! Book your dream of flying at the InfoPoint in the Norcenni Girasole Village today.

You can book the SkyDiveDream online


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