Excursion from Park Albatros to the Island of Elba

If you are already familiar with the sea in the San Vincenzo area, in stretches near the Park Albatros Holiday Village you will have certainly marvelled at its transparency and the sense of freedom that you can feel on the beach that is part of the Rimigliano Natural Park. It is the perfect place to embrace the natural context in which the Village is immersed. 

If you really love the sea, you can't miss the Island of Elba. This marine jewel has more than 70 beaches, all beautiful: some are open beaches, some have facilities, others are to be discovered among the many coves and secluded bays.

Not surprisingly, along with the other islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, Elba forms the largest National Marine Park in Europe! A prestigious record indeed! 

Don't miss this day trip to Elba: rush and read our tour programme... 

The route: towards the Island of Elba!  

It's an early morning start – rise and shine! Elba is waiting for you and you can't miss the best hours of the day! The meeting point is the Park Albatros car park at 8:00 am, between the swimming pool and the supermarket. 

In about 20 minutes you reach Piombino, the beautiful harbour citadel where you will embark on your crossing to the island.   

You will land in Portoferraio, Elba's main port, and then continue on to Porto Azzurro, one of the most famous towns in the island. You'll spend an hour or so ambling through the narrow streets, then your guide will show you some of the local sites, and then it's off to Capoliveri, one of the most fascinating villages! 

But after so much travelling and exploring, it's time for a refreshing swim! That's the plan for Marina di Campo, where you will stop for a few hours.

Show off your best costume, don your goggles, snorkel and fins and lose yourself in the myriad shades of blue or lounge for a while in the sun and relax!

Marina di Campo is also the chosen stop for the day's lunch break, indulge your fancies and seek out the best seafood restaurant.  

At around 4:00 pm, it's time to reassemble on the bus and head back to the Holiday Village, but not before passing through Procchio and marvelling again at the wild Elban landscape. The return to the Holiday Village is scheduled between 6.30 pm and 7.00 pm.  

Now that we have outlined your itinerary and you have had a taste of this marvellous excursion packed with sunshine and sea views, here are some interesting facts about Elba...  

Portoferraio, the harbour steeped in mythology

Portoferraio is not only Elba's main port, it is also its capital. 

Its role as a port is lost in legend and is linked to the mythical landing of the Argonauts on the island Aethalia: yes, it is believed that this was actually Elba. Legend has it that here the Argonauts built a small port, Argon, which is now the beautiful beach of Ghiaie, right near Portoferraio in fact. 

Porto Azzurro, a fishing town

Surrounded by a deep blue sea and close to golden beaches, Porto Azzurro is renowned for its art and cultural heritage. Just walk through the town centre to appreciate some of the many historical sites, such as the Forte San Giacomo or the Churches of Madonna del Carmine and San Giacomo Maggiore.  

Capoliveri, frequently ravaged by pirates 

Perched on a summit, bustling, lively and marked by historical tradition, Capoliveri is a real treasure!

Ready for a pirate story? During the Middle Ages, settlers from Pisa had to fortify the citadel to counter the continuous raids of the Saracen pirates. The Church of San Michele or what remains of it is witness to this. 

There are wonderful beaches and coves in the area and it's difficult to say which is best. From the Lido di Capoliveri to the Felciaio, from Lacona to the Barabarca, they're all worth a visit. 

Marina di Campo

This is where you find the island's longest beach: almost 1300 metres of golden sand, a mild climate and the island of Montecristo on the horizon! It's suitable for families, thanks to its shallow water and the gulf that protects it from strong winds; it is ideal for a sunny afternoon and games on the foreshore.  

And here's another plus: along the beach there are sections with facilities and others free, with little restaurants and bars by the sea, for quick sandwiches, salads or delicious seafood snacks.  

Interesting facts about Elba

-       There was a time when Corsica was connected to the Italian mainland and what is now the Island of Elba is simply what remains of a strip of land connecting the two

-       A legend narrates that the Argonauts, exhausted after conquering the Golden Fleece, blackened the pebbles of Ghiaie beach with their sweat

-       If you want to indulge in some water sports, then you will really enjoy Marina di Campo: there are facilities for diving, windsurfing, kayaking and much more


So do you feel like taking off on this trip too? Book your place at the Park Albatros Info Point and don't miss this experience immersed in nature and the sea! 

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