Archaeological Tour

If you love sun and relaxation, but also enjoy antiquity and the history of the places you visit, you won't want to miss Italy's hidden archaeological wonders.

Picturesque historical monuments, the ruins of ancient civilizations and national museum tours will make your holiday stimulating and exciting, taking you and your family on an extraordinary journey full of curiosity about our past.

You can find archaeological ruins throughout the peninsula: regardless of where you are, you'll find remnants of Italy's past nearby.

We begin in Rome, the cradle of civilization and the Italian people. All you have to do to visit the capital's archaeological sites is walk through the city's historical center, inside the Colosseum Archaeological Park, a complex that includes some of the most important monuments in the world. In addition to the city's unmissable symbol of the Colosseum, you'll be fascinated by the ruins of the Roman Forum on the slopes of Campidoglio Hill.

The Imperial Forums recount the grandeur of ancient Rome. Now go all the way up to Circus Maximus, the most popular place for entertainment in ancient Rome: the city's sporting competitions were held here, including the legendary chariot races!

There are also archaeological ruins inside one of our villages: in the splendid pine forest of Fabulous Village, just outside Rome, where you'll find the remains of an ancient Roman villa from the imperial age.

Continuing to Southern Italy, the most famous archaeological wonders include Pompeii and Herculaneum, the two cities buried by lava from the volcano Vesuvius. Traces of ancient Roman civilization that had been hidden underground for thousands of years have now been brought to light: you can currently visit the theaters, temples, and homes of the towns' citizens.

Instead in Tuscany you can discover the history of another ancient civilization: the Etruscans. The town of Baratti near the Albatros Family Park, both located along the coast named after the Etruscans, Costa degli Etruschi, is the marvelous seaside city Populonia founded by the Etruscans, with necropolises and postcard worthy views.

Last stop on your trip: Florence. The cradle of the Renaissance definitely does not lack archaeological remains of even more ancient origins. The National Archaeological Museum in Florence collects the best finds from excavations in Tuscany, Lazio and Umbria, and will surprise you with its Egyptian and Etruscan collections. If you want to see Roman Florence, just go down to the basement of Palazzo Vecchio to admire the excavations from the Roman Theater.

The most exciting vacations are those that take you on an exploration of the area!

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