A Tour of Florence from Park Albatros

Florence, the city of the Lily

Home to the most famous Renaissance and Medieval geniuses, from Dante to Brunelleschi, from Giotto to Machiavelli and the list goes on, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello, Botticelli... Florence is the city of art by definition! 

Every alley, stone and sculpture hides secrets and testimonies of an illustrious past as a society at the helm of Italian politics, art and commerce and beyond. 

Florentia, as the Romans called it, is also one of the destinations chosen by thousands upon thousands of tourists, who wander every day through the cobbled streets of the centre with their gaze stolen by ancient buildings, artisan shops and typical trattorias with their windows.  

Why the Lily? The Florentine crest depicts a flower, the iris or lily, red on a silver background, which you can easily find around the city. The origin of the flower, a symbol of purity and auspiciousness, falls somewhere between legends and various interpretations. A favourite has the symbol of the lily associated with the Roman name of the city, Florentia da florere that is, to flourish.  


To visit Florence you can leave every Thursday from Park Albatros, from the bus stop near the market, at 8:00 am. After a few hours of travelling in the Tuscan countryside, here we are at the gates of the cradle of the Renaissance, where you will be welcomed by a professional guide for a walking tour that takes us through the anecdotes and secrets of the city. 

You will get to know the main squares of the small but precious Florentine centre, starting from Santa Maria Novella to the Piazza where the imposing Duomo rises and the even more famous Ponte Vecchio!  

And after so much culture: lunch and shopping! 

You will have some free time to walk around the most characteristic streets of the centre and choose where to taste the typical dishes: from Tuscan crostini to cold cuts and cheeses, from first courses like pappa al pomodoro to the unmissable Florentine steak! 

If you love shopping, you'll also love Florence, which is home to shops for all tastes: leather craft items like bags and gloves, without losing sight of the latest fashion trends 

Off we go again! Return to the Village is scheduled for 7:00 pm. 

Piazza Santa Maria Novella 

Santa Maria Novella is certainly not the square that is the most visited by tourists, although it is located a few metres from the central station that bears its name. But it's well worth spending a few minutes there. 

The tall, light buildings of the vicinity, the verdant lawn in the centre of the square and the open horizon highlight the façade of the church, one of the oldest in Florence!

And it is also the most important architecturally for the Gothic style canons in the interior and the Romanesque in the facade, with the typical white marbles. 

Piazza del Duomo and the Dome

As you make your way towards Piazza del Duomo, lift your head up as you move from one shop window to another, and you will see the red bricks of the Dome!
Brunelleschi conceived this visionary project at the time and it is still discussed for its self-supporting structure without reinforcement, despite its enormous size (the dome has a diameter of 45.5 metres)! 

Before moving on, stop for a moment to admire the thousand decorations on the façade of the Cathedral, the Baptistery right in the centre of the square and its doors!

P.S. To find out where the golden sphere placed over the Dome fell, go here.

Piazza della Repubblica

Piazza Repubblica embodies so much history and different traditions. Fulcrum of the city since ancient times as a Roman forum, it later became the market square and was then densely built on and housed the Jewish ghetto, until it was completely restored in view of the proclamation of Florence as capital of Italy (1865-71) .

Finally, in the twentieth century the Piazza became the parlour of Florentine artists, writers and gentlemen who confronted each other over the most disparate themes over coffee at the Giubbe Rosse: go and take a look if you have the time!  

Ponte Vecchio 

And here we are with another symbol of Florence, portrayed every day in hundreds of photographs!
Old and a symbol of eternity: it survived both the bombings of the Second World War and the 1966 flood. 

If today in its picturesque side shops it houses goldsmiths and jewellers, in the Middle Ages these were occupied by butchers and the meat market. 

It's time for a beautiful souvenir photo: lean against the edge of the bridge at its central opening and take a selfie with the whole family! 

Uffizi and Piazza della Signoria 

We've kept Piazza della Signoria, the centre of Florentine politics, and the Uffizi Gallery, which houses the masterpieces of Botticelli, Michelangelo and Leonardo, among others, as a last stop. 

These would have been the offices of the Medici, who commissioned most of the works on display today. 

Did you notice the corridor? Passing from the Piazzale degli Uffizi to the Piazza, you will see a windowed corridor that connects Palazzo Vecchio, the Medici government centre, to their residence, Palazzo Pitti: this is the Vasari Corridor, an elevated passage that crosses the Uffizi and Ponte Vecchio! 


To see all this for yourself and breathe the air of Florence, write an email to infopoint.parkalbatros@humancompany.com, pass the infopoint personally to book your tour in Florence.

Minimum number of participants: 30

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